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What my customers


Anika made everything feel easier and more right.

In my newly furnished apartment I am now free every morning,

lively and full of energy and want to start the day.


Marco G


Anika stood by my side reliably, confidently and always at the right time during my private and professional reorientation phase. I have always appreciated them in particular

professional and committed atmosphere, paired with an extremely friendly and pleasant touch of cordiality  and honesty.

Anika doesn't mince words and "challenges" the status quo in a respectful and charming way, for me an optimal and promising coaching approach.Absolutely again!

Christopher T

Every day I am happy about my warm, clear, cozy home.The most important place in my life suits me so much better now.

Thank you so much, dear Anika.


Alexandra B

Nancy S..jpg

When I was no longer able to do my job at the time due to health reasons, Anika was a great support! She helped me to turn away from the tightly knitted "wheel" of the time and to be more careful with my life.


Through an intuitive conversation between Anika and me, she provided the most important key moment. Together we worked out the changes that were obviously necessary professionally and to tackle them courageously and steadfastly. Today I live my everyday life and my environment full of happiness, appreciation and energy. Thanks Anika


Nancy S

Dear Anika!Thank you for your wonderful transformational work. In short, I'm thrilled. 

The result is immediately noticeable and visible to me!I was able to let go of a few things and I'm happy

now about my new place of power- my home. 

Thank you,  because this was only possible with your help and support. 


My recommendation: 

Everyone should have Anika by their side.  


Leila Annett L.


Anika's creative nature and her feeling for situations and spaces make her work unique. She works professionally and authentically.

Your positive energy helped us to really tackle the task.


This kind of design with a view to us and what we really need, we would have without the help of

Anika can never implement.


Christine, Marc, and Zoe G.

Anika S.JPG

The day with Anika was great. I feel my apartment is now even clearer and more structured.

Since I work from home a lot, this is important to me. Anika's input was very valuable and it's fun too!

Anika S


In a phase of change, Anika created a place that I was always strongly drawn to.

A place full of positive energy, healthy reflection, inner beauty, mental clarity, inspiring words and a lot of gratitude for

the little things.

A place where the door was always open.

Thank you for being my companion!

Charlie P

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