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Purpose or sense, 


purpose of existence.

This is about

clear for you

find out

what you in life

drives and

like you in this world


want to be effective

for a fulfilled life

to live.

8-week Coaching in one-on-one meetings(digital or in presence)

Upon request

1.5 day workshop in small groups + 1/2 day deepening
 (3-4 participants digital or in presence)

Upon request


My purpose:



"I am loving clarity & light."

Find your purpose: 

Are you looking for your purpose, purpose of being, purpose of existence and you are not sure how to work it out for all of you? I work on this topic in small groups or in individual accompaniment and can promise that this will be a powerful process for you. Dare to look there and rediscover your true inner treasures and understand yourself even more deeply.  

Why is it important to know your purpose? Because we have often forgotten how to perceive ourselves and to listen to our inner voice due to social influence. Instead, we have started to trust that others know better what is good for us and to look outside for the solutions. 

Already at home, at school and in the course of life we learn above all to listen to logical, rational voices and thus forget to feel why we might have really come into this world.

As children we still had the ability to live certain things freely and carefree and that's exactly where we want to start,

to identify your sources of power and to rediscover and bring your real passion for topics to life.

Purpose support (over 2 months digitally or in person): 

The aim of this accompaniment (digital or in presence) is to find your purpose, which sources of strength and qualities are at your side and which brakes stop you from creating your life according to your dreams and ideas.

With the help of the workbook (view of your life so far) in advance and through regular joint reflection, you will achieve  more clarity about how you want to appear in the world. 

Your own purpose will help you with a clearer direction for yourself as a person and for your life.

Purpose workshop (1.5 days + 1/2 day deepening digitally or face-to-face):

The aim of this trip in small groups of 3-4 people is to create your purpose in order to find more clarity,

how you want to appear in the world. The small group serves as a mirror and enables a new perspective on your life story and the associated qualities that are inherent in you. 

Your own purpose will help you with a clearer direction for yourself as a person and for your life. I conduct the workshops either digitally or face-to-face and have had very good experiences with both formats.

A month later we meet again in the same constellation for half a day for deepening and reflection

what has happened in your life since then, what you would like to deepen and how you are currently doing in the areas of life issues, mindfulness and professional orientation in your life. 

I am happy if you contact me, 

to learn more.

Sincerely, your Anika

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