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The one who brings the light of consciousness into our world.

My way,


Actually, I had already achieved a lot. High school diploma, degree in business administration, trainee program and management career at a renowned company, a great life partner, a nice apartment in the beautiful city of Hamburg, great friends.I could afford special vacations and nice clothes.

Why do I still often feel so lonely, empty and sad?

Why was I so tired and stressed?

The job and the ego

My marketing career has been steep and smooth. Most of the time, the offer to change jobs came faster than I expected. Even in the trainee program and during my first management job, I had the pressing question in my head as to whether all of this was good and right for me. I worried a lot about whether I was up to the challenges.

Was I good enough for all of this and the inner pressure started to mount. Every time I was offered a new position, I said to myself, I'll wait and see how I feel about this job. I promised myself that if I didn't manage to become more relaxed about it, then I'd look for something else. I lived life like this, but it wasn't a conscious heart decision.

Own Realization and taking perspectives

For the first six years I held various management positions and was then appointed director and then also part of the management of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. At that time I was the youngest in dem management team.

A voice inside me was unsure and wondered is this really what I want? And another voice in me, wanted to make it all right, wanted to be proud of. I worked like a maniac to get attention and praise.           _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_         Mein Geschäftsbereich hatte Probleme und so arbeitete ich noch mehr . At 35 I was very successful in my job and could afford everything that was important to me. And yet, something was missing, something was wrong. The question of whether the world really needs another shower gel so badly made its way more and more. I felt more and more that the price of doing this job well was becoming too high. The inner urge for change, the search for meaning, became stronger and stronger.

The meditation. The beginning.

My training in Vipassana Meditation, during a 10-day silent retreat in Thailand and the resulting daily meditation practice, has brought a lot of clarity and calm into my life. Not quickly with a bang, but slowly and steadily, just a little bit more each time. Like raindrops falling from the sky. My work as a volunteer in a Thai school for children from very poor backgrounds made it clear to me once again which values are really important to me. In what abundance our western world lives and what burdens and fears arise in a growth-oriented society. Also that the people who supposedly have everything are not a bit happier or more satisfied as a result.

Material overload

In fact, material things and the increasing abundance with which we live our lives have become overwhelming for many people. The pure urge for "more" or "I have to make it so that people like me and respect me in society and in my environment" drives us into an autopilot. From my point of view, this reflects rational thinking and less the heart Unfortunately, many values such as compassion for others, respect for life and our earth often fall by the wayside. Numerous 1zu1 conversations over the last 20 years with friends and acquaintances showed me that we humans often make decisions out of fear and not out of a meet inner knowledge / desire We have forgotten that.

Not in rejection with what is

Many people are often not at peace with their current life situation and wish for something different. They want change and at the same time it scares them a lot. You feel overwhelmed, empty and drained and notice this through increasing sadness and physical discomfort. However, they often do not know how to change something in their situation. In fact, in recent years, more and more people have sought to talk to me. As part of a concentrated and conscious exchange, I was increasingly told that through our conversations these people get further, find more clarity and are more peaceful with life situations or upcoming handle decisions.

empathy as core of my work

Even as a child, I had the ability to have a strong sense of empathy and to quickly recognize different perspectives. It always helped me to mediate between people and to define common goals. This also meant that during my 15-year management career I was promoted to the executive board, because I knew how to reconcile the different wishes and perspectives, to create common goals, values and good cooperation. When I was in my mid-30s, there was a break in my life when I separated from my partner at the time. For a while I had begun to question what was my life at that time. Two years after the breakup, I left the company and began to delve deeper into spirituality and self-care. At that time I was not in good physical or mental condition. Joint and muscle pain, migraine attacks, bad eating habits and deep sadness were elements that slowed down my joy, energy for my fellow human beings and my life more and more.

My supporters, signposts

I started reading valuable books. You can also find some recommendations that have changed my life on this page.

And I had my first awareness seminar with Cerstin Meisen, which made a deep and lasting impression on me. Quote: "The migraine Anika, you do it yourself." I couldn't believe what I was hearing and part of me was angry and outraged. But gradually the certainty crept in that it was the truth, that my lifestyle was definitely contributing to the fact that I wasn't doing very well. During this time, my journey to a more peaceful and contented life began. Participation in further multi-day retreats with wonderful teachers like Eckhart Tolle, my daily contemporary practice through meditation, yoga or body scan as well as my training as a mindfulness teacher in one of the institutes of Jon Kabat-Zinn, Segismundo Zamora Flores, Beatrice Zamora Flores, Wardawarda, Awilulu, the Inka Paros from Peru and many others have further trained and refined my skills over the last few years. 

Connecting instead of separating out of fear 

Today I feel more connected to people, animals and our nature and I want to bring more peace and joy into the world with my work because I believe that a change can only start within us and not outside. I believe that love for yourself is what makes love for others possible. We are often driven by the spirit and therefore often in pure action. 

We define ourselves by what we create rather than who we really are beneath the surface. Due to social values, we forget to listen to our inner voices and as a result we lose ourselves. I also went through these times in my life and became more and more unhappy with what I was doing at the time due to growing pain in body and soul and a growing imbalance between being and doing and the pressing question about my purpose.

"What is all this about? What are we here for?”

My work today

I decided to completely redefine my professional life. The path I am on is constantly evolving. 

With Anicca I support people today to gain more clarity and contentment in their lives.

About redesigning your home, through more mindfulness through my MBSR courses and as part of individual accompaniment.   I also work out my own purpose (meaning, being-purpose of life) in small groups or in individual support. 

In addition to accompanying private individuals, I also work as a purpose coach for companies on the topic of authenticity, increasing one's own perception and realizing one's own sources of strength through meaning, the purpose of one's own life. Strengthening of one's own effectiveness and strengthening of the effectiveness of teams.

It is important to me today to make conscious heart decisions about how I deal with my precious lifetime and what I want to spend it with. II am now a much happier and more content person and feel much more in tune with my life as it is now. I start my day happier, I appreciate the people and things in my life and pay more attention to myself and my balance. Here I can learn and adjust again and again. I also feel more self-love than before and can therefore also go deeper and more peacefully into the connection with my environment and life itself.

My goal is to pass these experiences on to others in order to support them in creating a life of peace and joy. To be able to become more compassionate towards yourself and others. The most important aspect of this is learning to be more in the here and now and to be able to accept what is right now. Getting out of resistance with your current life and accepting it or finding the power to change it to find more happiness. 

Qualification & Education

  • Purpose coach for companies and private individuals in the DoWhatYouLove network since 2020 to date

  • Mindfulness teacher according to MBSR for companies and private individuals - digitally and in presence, since 2020 to date

  • Training: "The Power of Love" Understanding and learning Andean cosmology with the descendants of the Incas from Peru 2020-2022

  • Further training: Positive neuroplasticity - with Rick Hanson 2021

  • Consultant for various companies and agencies as a freelance strategist, marketing expert, interim manager, 2017-May 2020

  • Increasing vitality and developing psychic abilities - Armin & Andrea Mattich, Andrea Dinkel-Tischendorf & Volker Tischendorf, Bavaria 2019

  • Eckhart Tolle retreats "Living in the now", Greece & New York 2018/2019

  • Training as a mindfulness teacher according to John Kabat-Zinn (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction), 2018-2020

  • Feng Shui training - Cerstin Meisen, Heidelberg 2018

  • Daily meditation & mindfulness practice, 1 hour daily since 2016

  • Vipassana retreat - 10 days of silence and meditation, Thailand 2016

  • Managing Director at Unilever Germany, responsible for the cosmetics division in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

  • Various management positions for the company Unilever, 2004-2017

  • Professional background: Business graduate, Bremen University of Applied Sciences

Independent work within the framework of Anicca- Constant Flow of Change:

  • mindfulness Coaching: In small groups and in individual support based on MBSR by Jon Kabat-Zinn, since March 2020

  • Purpose Coaching: Purpose creation for a clearer life direction with individuals and for companies in individual accompaniment, in teams or in small groups, since February 2020

  • Own concept for your home:your home in Clarity and as a source of strength, since August 2018

My ownWay to more clarity & love

  • Sacred paths with Amawta Fernando Ergueta in Bolivia and Spain since spring 2023

  • Sacred paths of the Amawtas with Warawara, Sayartha and Awilulu since 2022

  • Sacred paths of the Andean cosmology of the Incas with Illaripa: The path to the power of love since 2020

  • Daily mindfulness practice - 1 hour - since 2016 as my basis: For a deep anchoring for self-compassion and inner peace, compassion with others and a conscious life in the here and now.

  • Regular yoga practice (Be kind to your body so that the soul can live in it)

  • Positive neuroplasticity: Rick Hanson

  • Life coaching & family constellations with Ulf Haase

  • Being a teacher myself in a Thai kindergarten for socially disadvantaged children at the Yaowawit School

  • Clarity & Feng Shui in my home thanks to Cerstin Meisen

  • Hypnosis therapy with Iris Liebmann

My companions, teachers

  • My continuous companion for the sacred way of the Amwatas: Amawta 

  • My continuous companion for the Anden Cosmology: Illaripa 

  • The Inca Pacos from Peru who follow the Anden Cosmology

  • The Amawta Sisters Sayartha, Wardawarda, Awilulu for sacred ways of the Amawtas

  • Eckhart Tolle

  • Jon Kabat-Zinn

  • Pippi Longstocking

  • Alice in Wonderland

  • Osho

  • Goenka

  • Marie Kondo

  • Hermann Hesse

  • Thich Nhat Hanh

  • Rumi

  • My family & my friends & all the people I meet.


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