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your life issues

They say I have a gift with dealing with people.

That the conversations with me lead to more clarity and lightness.

In fact, I enjoy everything that has to do with people in a targeted exchange. I started using my gift early on in 1 to 1 conversations with friends and acquaintances.

Today I offer my work from anicca to everyone,

who dares to accept help and is willing to look inside in order to become happier with the issues in life or with specific ones at work


Do you have a topic that scares you that you can't let go of?

Do you feel unhappy at work?

Are you faced with a decision but afraid of doing something wrong? I would be happy to support you in your change process.  


1-1.5 hours depending on Life topics          

Fee: On request

1 to 1 conversation

Physisches Gespräch oder über Zoom mit Video

1zu1 Gespräch
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