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My support for  
your company

I offer guidance in leadership development and team development. 

Always with the goal of increased impact and satisfaction. 


In addition to values such as speed, efficiency and more helps more, I am convinced, that our business world should also focus more on values such as good relationships, appreciative togetherness, balance and ease. Through my own experience as a Manager and working with companies I realize that many organizations are in the state of "exhaustion" where focus is lost, values such as joy at work and lightness are not allowed and appreciation often forgotten. I believe that if we ad these values to our business and life, we can create much more and additionally in a state of aliveness rather than only surviving and functioning. 

I am deeply convinced that through higher self awareness, meaning if you know what your value is and why you do what you do and if you enjoy your work, you will become more self-aware of what is already good and you will succeed better in what you set out to aspire. 


My work is characterized by the fact that it is always based on strengths and that ithelps to sharpen one's own orientation. It focusses on working out one's own abilities and qualities more clearly and to use them more purposefully. 


I support leaders and teams with a focus on higher impact through purpose and better balance through mindfulness. 

Being in touch with yourself and others is a key in my experience, for the path to a more vibrant life and powerful work.


I also work in a coach expert network, should you wish to have broader support in your development.  

Due to my many years of management experience, I know about the challenges in companies and I am convinced that change begins with a decision for each individual and this decision comes from within. 

I would be happy to accompany you and your company in your progression. 




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